About Us

Keith Littler


Keith Littler began his working life composing jingles and commentating on football for radio before moving into television 30 years ago.

His post-production studios have worked on over 300 series including Casper The Friendly Ghost, Watership Down, Magic Roundabout, LazyTown and Paw Patrol.

Keith created and produced Merlin The Magical Puppy for ITV in 2000 and followed that by adapting and creating Little Red Tractor for BBC and later teamed up with Stan Cullimore to create The Bopps for Nickelodeon.

In 2013 he co-wrote and directed Bottom Knocker Street for ITV.

In the 80’s Keith qualified as a football referee and played as a goalkeeper into his mid 40’s.

Keith’s table football collection, one of the biggest of its kind, is based at his studios and was the focal point of the making of Football: The Table-Top Years.

Niki Felstead


Niki first appeared at the studio in 2012 in an acting role and voiced some highly successful kid’s Series including LazyTown and Paw Patrol among others. In 2013 she brought her design and production skills to the Bottom Knocker Street series and has remained with the studio ever since.

Her contribution to the Table-Top Years has been immense from model making and painting, photography, design and voicing the chapter links. 

Niki is also an accomplished vocalist with a long list of television credits to her name and has performed in a duo with Keith for several years.

Andy Smith


 Andy "Smiffy" Smith and Keith Littler first teamed up to play football back in 1970. The friendship developed into forming a band together until the mid 80's and remains to this day with a regular Saturday morning table football session.

Andy was a passionate and skilled sportsman until his 30’s excelling at both football and hockey until life on the road as a Continental Coach Driver and then Truck Driver took up most of his time.

Andy joined the production team for the Table-Top Years in 2017 and, along with his passion for the game, brought a lot of rare 60’s/70’s footie memorabilia to the studio that appears in the documentary..