Keith Littler presents an unapologetic, nostalgic stroll through the history of table football in the UK.



About the documentary

The Table-Top Years is a two x 1 hour documentary following the post-war history of table football in the UK. You'll see from some of the photos on this site that my collection has become rather large and I wrongly assumed I had enough bits and pieces to make an interesting programme. How wrong I was!! I began the project in October 2017 as a part-time hobby which gradually took over my life until the final masters were completed in April 2019.

I'm not going to pretend to be any kind of expert, but I hope the final programme has done justice to this fascinating hobby. 

The two one-hour DVDs are exclusively available from Subbuteo World (the button on the right will take you there) and I hope they'll not only bring back some great memories but will also bring the table-top story right up to date. 

The latest news on the podcast is that I am afraid I have had to delay the upload. It will now be going up in July but will be all the better as the delay has allowed me to include more material, and spend a bit more time making it look as good as I can.

Additionally, I am incorporating a Subbuteo challenge. Guests on the show can have a bash at our slide, spin, pass and chip tests and the winner at the end of the series will receive £100 to spend at Subbuteo World, as well as free signed copies of the DVDs. Take a look at the show and if you'd like to participate in the challenge, come along to the studio, contact us through the submission form at the bottom of the page, and we'll be in touch.

This website is in its embryonic stage and will evolve over the coming weeks, so I hope you'll not only stay with us, but send in your comments, pictures and table football gossip at

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